When will it happen?

Jeez. It has been years. Seriously, how do you absolutely suck the life and joy out of something that should be a cause for celebration.

Government sucks.

I have been a proponent of Rastatarianism for years (rastafarian + libertarian). Basically it marries freedom and earthiness and pragmatism.

Seriously how do people trust the government to do anything? (I wholly endorse people to vote how they like, but you have to be oblivious to reality if you vote for granting the government more power over you.)

Think about it. We had to get government to give us permission to smoke, ingest this stuff. They finally decided to grace us with their blessing for something we’ve been doing for hundreds of years. Thank you mighty Wizards.

Again, they’ve prosecuted, fined and jailed us for something they decided is now ‘ok’. So why do we give them this power?

After bestowing this gift on us, we the people, have to wait for them to get their shit together. Wait for them to pass a law, pass the regulations, pass the administrative rules…

I seem to remember a story. Not sure where I heard it. It goes like this: There were slaves on Danish islands called St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix.

The King in Denmark wanted to give the slaves freedom. But there were administrative rules and interests that needed to be dealt with before the slaves could enjoy freedom. So the king decided to gradually implement freedom over a decade.

But the slaves said, “we’d prefer not to wait” and decided to burn the place down. Our dude Van Scholten got on board and basically threw his career away by standing his ground and granting freedom immediately.

Is the comparison too much? Maybe.

It can’t hurt to point out that people in power usually only care about one thing (exceptions exist – looking at you Uncle Pete). Those in power don’t care about things like speed and efficiency and budgets.

Again, thank you glorious government for legalizing marijuana.

We can’t wait for the day, in some distant future, when you decide to overregulate and tax this right that you’ve granted us. Someday.

Is Marijuana Legal in St. Thomas?

It sho is! Sorta.

The Virgin Islands is a crazy place. And that’s why I love it.

So in 2013 or 2014 or like at least 5-6 years ago there was an island-wide reeferendum (sic) by the voting public (I forgot to vote). And the people spoke. And they said:

We want weed.

At least for people that need it.

And now you can apply for medical authorization to smoke or eat marijuana. The process is pretty straight forward. Go to an authorized medical person, tell them your symptoms or needs and they will determine whether you fit the requirements for a medical use card for weed. You can read the details in the Cannabis Act.