Yes. Medical marijuana is legal in the US Virgin Islands. Recreational marijuana is not yet legal. You can read the new marijuana law here.

What happens if I’m in Possession of Marijuana without Medical Authorization?

Possession of weed is decriminalized if you are in possession of less than 1 oz. If you have more than an ounce, you could face criminal charges.

How do I get Medical Authorization to Smoke Marijuana in the Islands?

If you are visiting St. Thomas or St. John you’ll need to get a temporary medical card. So basically you can bring a valid and current medical weed card from anywhere in the United States. Throw in a letter from your doctor confirming you have a debilitating medical issue. The government will charge a fee (between $50-$100 depending on how long you are visiting) and that’s it!

If you are a resident in St. Thomas, you can get your medical card from a medical professional for the covered medical issues by the new law.

Where can I buy marijuana (legally)?

From licensed dispensaries. And let’s be clear, if it’s a dude operating out of his car, he probably isn’t a licensed seller of marijuana. Island Time is a license marijuana dispensary here in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.